Monday, September 23, 2013


I'm in a group show  this Wednesday Sept.25  Vernissage 5-7pm 
@ the old Ecole des Beaux Arts / Quartier POP  (3450 St. Urbain)
*Also same time and place Dan Graham is having an artist talk = two for one ! 

In this special project created especially for POP Montreal, 10 female media artists – Erin Sexton, Ruby Kato-Attwood, Malena Szlam, Kara Blake, Elisabeth Belliveau, Leslie Supnet, Doreen Girard, Irene Bindi, Gwen Trutnau and Andrea Roberts, with veteran performance/video artist Kathy Rose acting as project mentor – were commissioned to make a film or installation piece that addresses the concept of Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP is the process of using technological apparatuses – recording devices, radio broadcasts, telephones, video static, computers, white noise – to allow for communication with the spirit world, or with alternate dimensions. The third floor of our POP Quarters building will be decked out in creepiness throughout the fest, with an opening vernissage from 5-7pm on Wednesday September 25th that includes a live performance piece by Doreen Girard.Installation Open Daily, Sept. 25-29

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